Italian and Northern European art in the Renaissance and Beyond

Reciprocity between artists to the north and to the south of the Alps was varied and included inspired adaptation, out and out plagiarism, and some long-distant friendships. In Term 1, after a general introduction in the first few lectures, we will move to the work of the Sicilian, Antonello da Messina (c.1410-75) He was one of the people who had a working knowledge of the art of the Northern artists (Franco-Flemish and Netherlandish). Yet he spent most of his time in Sicily, right on the edge of Europe. He completely mastered oil painting but, contrary to the writings of Vasari, he did not introduce oil painting to Italy. This was probably the responsibility of Giovanni Bellini.

We will then move North to the work of Petrus Christus (c.1410/1420 - 1475/1476). He was an Early Netherlandish painter active in Bruges from 1444. After the death of Jan van Eyck, Petrus Christus together with Hans Memling (1433-1494), became the leading painters in Bruges.  From the mid-1460s Memling was well-known in Bruges which had become an important Netherlandish centre of painting.

From this starting point in Term 1, we will continue our examination of the interaction among the leading artists of different regions highlighting the localized characteristics of both Italian and Northern European painting.


Join us for these enjoyable lectures to find what this is all about, and how these two geographical areas affected the art of the other but remained, for all their exchange of ideas, distinctive.


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